Pet Shelter Gets $150K Fabulous Makeover That You Have to See!

Everyone loves a well-deserved and fabulous makeover! And what's better than seeing animals being the ones to benefit! Animal Planet returns with a new show, called Pet Nation Renovation, a special dedicated to giving one deserving animal shelter a top-to-bottom overhaul.

In the premiere episode, animal expert and home renovation enthusiast Dave Salmoni hosts and introduces the $150K makeover treatment to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society (SGVHS) in California. And here are the amazing before and after photos from the renovations.

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    As you can see from the photo, the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society (SGVHS) was in desperate need of a makeover. The amazing shelter has been open and running for more than 90 years! We know, that's pretty crazy long! However, the dilapidated grounds and facility took focus away from the main focus, which is the needy pets in its care. In order to continue to focus on the care and placement of these animals, the shelter's physical conditioned needed some big improvements.

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    SGVHS decided to enter in the Animal Planets show and was luckily chosen based on its need and the great story it presented in its online video submission.

    Now look at the place! What a difference four weeks make! The new design was a combination of the contractors (Bohler Builders Group) and the behind-the-scenes design producer's vision. And we just have to say… you guys nailed it!

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    During the renovations, all the animals remained on site.

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    Every design was actually inspired from all the amazing locations that Salmoni himself has visited.

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    Dave Salmoni, host of the show, told PEOPLE, "I think the outdoor space we called 'Doggy Bahamas' will make the biggest impact on the animals and their daily lives[…] We made it a multi-use space where they can relax in a cabana poolside, play in the open space, train on the equipment, cool down in the delta faucet cooling station and most importantly hang out with potential adopters in hopes of finding their forever home!"

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    Doreen Hudson, director of SGVHS, said, "The dogs took full advantage of the Doggy Bahamas with the cooling stations and wading pools. Different dogs were drawn to different features of the play space, and it was interesting to try out different things to see what they liked best!"

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    That Included taking a dip in the pool! 

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    Time to go check out the other amazing renovations!

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    Just look at what the inside used to look like!

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    And now…. The after!!!

    SGVHS renovated its large cat room into a sound-proofed "Kitty Zen Garden" with toys, bridges, tunnels, planks and perches. (Kitty heaven?)

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    Like Kitty Zen Garden!

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    But, cats being cats and not very one to be excited about big change, it did take a bit longer for them to adjust to the new renovations, rather than how the dogs immediately adjusted. Luckily, it didn't take too long, and now the cats and kittens are loving their Kitty Zen Garden!

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    Delta Faucet and Stanley Steemer, sponsors of the special, are part of what made this $150,000 renovation possible. (Giving them a grand round of applause!! )

    The team also revamped an old storage space, turning it into a Moroccan-themed adoption room. Here, potential pet parents can comfortably spend time with the animals in a relaxed environment away from the kennels. 

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    Congratulations to the SGVHS on the renovations! We hope that this will bring more possibilities for forever homes for all the amazing and loving animals at the shelter, but its also nice to know that they are having a good time in their paradises! 

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