Here are the Winners for the Cats Hard at Work Giveaway Contest!

We made some difficult choices as so many of your cats are talented (non) hard workers, but we narrowed our choices down to these top 10 highly industrious kitties.

Just a reminder that first place gets the grand prize Sphero "Darkside Ollie" and 9 runners up get the only slightly less grand prize Sphero 2.0!

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    The Grand Prize goes to eliseable and her kitten Obryn!

    Congratulations you two!

  • 2

    heidij28's pumpkin carving kitty is taking out some frustration for her human

    "Must get all the guts out, don't know why the human thinks this is 'fun'."

  • 3

    Our cats love to help us Internet and John Davenport's kitty is no exception

  • 4

    We're not sure if oliveandvine's cat Reveille built the Bite Castle or just works there, but we're impressed either way

    I Can Has Cheezburger after my shift?

  • 5

    lyracole's kitty doesn't look overly satisfied with her toy, so she gets a new one

  • 6

    Honestly, we just gave Amanda Poole's kitty a prize so he'd stop yelling at us

    "Get the paint up here, NOW!!"

    Work-site supervisor kitty has lost his patience.

  • 7

    TheRyanScott91's kitty Cleo defies the cat circle (kind of) and that deserves recognition

  • 8

    Alexis Ralicki's cat Carl don't do no office work, he just likes the chair!

    We like you Carl.

  • 9

    Despite the win, we're afraid kaptainkaboom might never get her remote back from Freyja

    At least you'll have a Sphero robot to keep you entertained kaptain.

  • 10

    kerimcclain's cats Nubbins and The Fuzz Practically run their household single-pawed

    Via: kerimcclain
    Bravo you two!

    Thanks to everyone who submitted and congratulations to all of the winners!

    You can check out the original blog post for the contest here.
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