Incredibly Awesome Couple's Tattoos

Couple's tattoos always seem like a bad idea, but these creative duos found a way to make it work.

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    A Couple of Love Robots

    Via: The Online Central
    Apparently robot love DOES computer. And it's also wonderfully adorable.

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    She Holds Link's Heart(s)

    Via: pintrest
    The couple that games together stays together.

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    They're Whole When They Hug

    Via: Thumbpress
    What if one of them hits a growth spurt or something, won't that throw off the heart? Well, For now it's pretty sweet.

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    The Missing Piece

    Via: She Chive
    Their love isn't much of a puzzle, it just fits.

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    The Colorful Couple

    Via: Smosh
    Is it just me, or is anyone else amazing at the brilliance of color here? Kudos to the artist.

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    The Couple That Toasts Together, Stays Together

    Via: She Chive
    You could say they're one another's bread and butter. YEAAAAAAH!

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    Their Love Is a Little Cartoony

    Via: Enjoysly
    It's incredibly cute, but also a bit sad since Mickey and Minnie will never actually lock lips.
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