Dating Fails

7 Signs You Shouldn't Be Together

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    Do You Argue Publicly?

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    Ok, so once in a blue moon a public fight is bound to happen, but damn this just seems wrong. Chance of staying together: A cold day in hell.
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    Did Your Girlfriend Invite a Third Wheel on Your Couple's Vacation?

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    The answer is no, because you're the third wheel, you just don't know it yet. Chance of staying together: Only if you're into open relationships.
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    Do Phone Calls Trump Sex?

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    If he's answering his phone during sex, it better be a death in the family. Because NO ONE is that interesting to talk to. Chance of staying together: None, it hung up when he picked up.
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    She'd Rather Cuddle With Her Girlfriend?

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    Does she not want to hold your hand in public? When you're at a party is she always snuggling with someone else? Sorry, I hate to tell you this, but you embarrass the hell out of her. Chance of staying together: Maybe, if you get stranded on a deserted island together.
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    Does Your Significant Other Make This Face?

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    Yeah, that's rough. Just look at that grin. It looks like the train wreck of smiles. Chance of staying together: Hell has frozen over.
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    Does She Need Something to Get Her Imagination Going?

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    Role play in bed can be fun, but watching your partner stare at someone else's photo as they go to town on you can feel a bit demeaning. Still...maybe it's worth it? Chance of staying together: How low does your self esteem go?
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    Do They Just Flat Out Ignore You?

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    This maybe more of a first date thing, but if they ever hold their finger up to silence you, it's probably time just to get up and go. Chance of staying together: He's probably not worth knowing in the first place.


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