Retreat to These 9 Amazing Tree Houses

Spring is here, which means it's time to get out of the house and cozy up with nature. That is, unless your house is already nested in the trees! Click through to see some cool tree house designs that will make you a kid all over again!

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    Maybe it's not quite spring in your neck of the woods, in which case this tree house is for you!

    Via: Inthralld

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    Hopefully you don't suffer from vertigo if you want to hang out here!

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    Maybe you'd rather be a little closer to the ground. That's cool too!

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    Wouldn't it be way cooler to work in a tree office instead?

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    If you' want the grandiose mansion of the tree house world, look no further.

    Via: goddit

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    Or maybe you want something a little more subtle and secluded?

    Via: TDW
    Joel Allen built this secret loft-style "Tree House" at Whistler. He is only now revealed it's construction to the public. Check the via link above for more information!

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    Or a little more home-y?

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    Looking for something a little less grandiose? Stylish and fun, on a budget!

    Via: Reddit

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    If you have a minute, check out this in-depth look of a true Ewok-style tree village!

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