The Reviews Are Out for The Order: 1886. This is Why You Don't Preorder.

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    Even Worse...

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    Via: Forbes

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    You Tried

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    In Case You Are Curious, Here's a Timelapse of the Full Playthrough of the Game

    Via: DigitalFoundry
    "Spoiler warning - for those capable of processing visual information at 40x speed. For everyone else it's more of an interesting exercise in comparing the amount of cut-scenes vs gameplay time, as well as giving an overall tally for the time taken for us to complete our first run on the game."

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    The Laziness: 1886

    Via: LennyReviews
    Ready at Dawn: "Let's just copy paste the random werewolf fight as the final boss. I mean, it's so cinematic."

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    EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Image of The Order's QA Team Playing the Game

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    Via: Ready at Dawn

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    Developers, Please Take Note of This

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    Via: psiwind

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    This "Interview" With Ready at Dawn Sums Up All the Reactions

    Via: Macav1ty

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    That Leads Us to the Real Title of the Game

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    Via: Bling Shop

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    Even With All the Evidence Some People Just Want to Believe

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    Via: SunhiLegend
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