10 Examples of How Coming Out Can Be Short and Sweet

Coming out is tough, you never know quite how others will react, but hey, it's not all bad and scary. Here's some awesome people coming out to their even awesomer friends and families.

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    Love Fits Well in Those Little Moments

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    Via: Crying to the Ocean

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    Coming Out With a Song!

    Via: It's Ally Hills

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    I Had No Idea You Could Come Out and Say Bro at the Same Time

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    Via: Paleveil

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    Easy and Breezy

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    Via: Wonderland Fairytales

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    Keeping it Simple, Elegant and Adorable

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    Via: Lesbian Heroin

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    Coming Out to Captain Obvious

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    Via: Smart Phowned

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    This Is How You Know You've Got Good Friends

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    Via: Hellou

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    Lyrics Can Help You Say How You Feel

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    Via: S3 Amazonaws

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    Dad Has More Pressing Matters

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    Via: Breathing Theatre

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    Coming Out to Your Siblings Is Better Than Being Left Behind

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    Via: Smart Phowned
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