10 Franchises That Prove The Fantastic 4 Poster Is Just Another Generic Space Opera

In case your forgot from its inauspicious trailer debut, The Fantastic 4 reboot looks like the most generic movie ever made. The newest poster isn't doing anything to differentiate it from all of the other space operas out there.

Is it set in space? Future? Then it needs a giant beam of light!

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    The Poster In Question

    Via: IGN

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    1. Fire in The Sky

    Via: JoBlo

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    2. Halo 3

    Via: posters57

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    3. Tron

    Via: MoviePoster
    And it doesn't end there. The beam is so important, they had to put it in the sequel, 20 years later.

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    4. Interstellar

    Via: InterstellarFilm
    The beacon of light is almost as classic and smooth as a new Lincoln.

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    5. Cocoon: The Return

    Via: movieposter

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    6. Star Trek

    Via: impawards

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    7. Mass Effect

    Via: CJake3
    Instead of cosmic rays, will the Fantastic 4 get their powers from aliens? If so, it's my favorite cliche on The Citadel.

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    8. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Via: sharenator

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    9. Independence Day

    Via: impawards

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    10. Star Wars

    Via: geektyrant
    The lightsaber doesn't extend all the way out of frame, but size doesn't matter. It's how you use it, Luke.

    Gross, Luke... Gross
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