14 Things That Look Like The Thing

We got our first look at The Thing from the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot April 9, and it kind of reminded us of a few other things...

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    Empire Magazine started it off with this sneak peek of the sneaky peak

    Via: Empire magazine

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    It kind of looks exactly like the Rock Biter from Never Ending Story

    Via: amasonaws.com

  • 3

    Easter Island had several Things of there own back in the day

    Via: amazonaws

  • 4

    So did the Olmecs

    Via: Netsolhost.com

  • 5

    Tan mom. Obvs

    Via: Starcasm.com

  • 6

    This pet rock bears a resemblance

    Via: amazonaws

  • 7

    Somebody stop these remakes

    Via: amazonaws.com

  • 8

    This must have been some part of the inspiration

    Via: amazoneaws.com

  • 9

    Or this, probably

    Via: The Human Marvels

  • 10

    Definitely looks like Danny Trejo

    Via: Behance.net

  • 11

    It does just kind of look like these hot dogs

    Via: Blogspot

  • 12

    Here's one thing it thankfully DOESN'T look like:

    Via: Blogspot

  • 13

    Or this...

    Via: Hotflick

  • 14

    Or even this...

    Via: Quickmeme
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