The Best Pictures of Zookeepers Giving Chris Pratt a Run for His Money

Which of these brave animal caretakers will be the next Jurassic Zookeeper? Well, probably none of them but they've definitely got the raptor-taming stance down.

Modeled after a now iconic image of Chris Pratt calming his raptor squad from the box office hit "Jurassic World", here are some of the best examples of zookeepers reenacting the scene.

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    The Original

    Via: Wired

  • 2

    Clever Girls

    Via: @susiethefivetoedsloth

  • 3

    Close... Evolutionarily Speaking

    Via: @slayer1551

  • 4

    These Rhinoceraptors Are Large Enough

    Via: @LionCountry

  • 5

    Watch Out for Those Six Inch Non-Retractable Tusks

    Via: feminerds
    They're like a razor

  • 6

    More Like a Six-Foot Turkey

    Via: @leslieisthelastname

  • 7

    Don't Be Fooled By Their Cuddly Appearance, They're Lethal

    Via: @GeorgiaAquarium

  • 8

    Beware, These Animals Use Spit As a Defense Mechanism

    Via: @kati_speer
    Although in this case it's probably not poisonous.

  • 9

    The Speed of These Beasts is Incredible

    Via: @Niemer11
    I mean have you seen them chase down prey? 

  • 10

    You Stare at Them, and They Just Stare Right Back

    Via: @illyfool
    Well, at least one of them does...

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    Bonus: Role Reversal With a Parrot

    Via: @sarabimom
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