If You Haven't Been Watching E3, You've Missed the Best New Meme: Precious Yarn Man

During EA's press conference earlier this week, a lovely little game called Unravel was unveiled by an even lovelier, incredibly nervous Swedish man named Martin Sahlin. What's so lovely about him, you ask? His genuine enthusiasm for his work and the way his nervousness made his hands tremble uncontrollably on stage. Martin's quickly found his way to being the Patron Saint of the Internet, under such names as 'Precious Yarn Man,' 'Tremble Hands,' and 'Swedish Man of Yarn.'

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    If you haven't yet seen his presentation, watch it now:

    Via: Rangris Gaming
    How could you not fall in love with him?

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    He must be protected at all costs.

    Via: piccoloofficial

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    What's the internet to do with something they love? Why, make fan art, of course!

    Via: sketchsmodblog

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    Via: taterpie

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    Via: whattheglob

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    Via: TheAirHoarder

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    And memes, who could forget the memes:

    Say it with me now: THANK YOU TREMBLING MAN

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    Via: Know Your Meme

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    Via: polykaleido

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    Via: classyplatypi
    >spaghetti falls out

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    Via: asspilot

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    Via: alyssascornerofmaddness

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    Via: punkshep
    Probably by buying his game!

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    As for the yarn guy himself? He's pretty happy with the whole thing:

    Via: monkeybeach
    D'aww, we love you yarn man!
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