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In a move that no on saw coming, Hunter Moore, the most hated man on the Internet, has sold his revenge porn site, Is Anyone Up, to anti-bullying organization Bullyville. Moore explains his actions in an open letter on the new site, which launched last week with an endorsement from bullying expert and Guns N' Roses guitarist Dj Ashba.

Moore said in an interview that he got burnt out ruining young women's lives, and now he just wants to help people.

"I'm just done with looking at little kids naked all day. I'd get at least 50 or 60 underage kids a day. It wasn't just 17-year-old girls. It was 12-year-olds and 9-year-olds. It definitely got old looking at that stuff every day."

Moore said he notified the authorities about underage porn submissions, but that keeping up with the many investigations had taken its toll.

"The problem of IsAnyoneUp.com is now solved," said Bullyville founder James McGibney. "In its place, BullyVille.com will exist to help people who are being bullied solve their problems through cooperation and thoughtfulness, rather than abuse."

No word on the site's sale price.


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