11 Dogs Enjoying the Dog Days of Summer on National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, the day we celebrate dogs for being the loving, adorable companions they are! These pups are really making the most of the warm weather. In honor of happy dogs everywhere here are some of the best ways these puppies are enjoying the hottest days of the year.

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    Making Do With Whatever Doggie Pool You've Got

    Via: celestialstein

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    Pretending You Didn't Just Get Grass Stains From Rolling on the Lawn

    Via: Henderp

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    Getting the Pool Party Going

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: IWafflezI

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    Feeling the Wind in Your Ears

    Via: Rgary3

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    Making Careful Stick Carrying Calculations on Outdoor Adventures

    Via: GIFAK Net
    What a GIFted pooch.

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    Making Sure Your Friends Get in on the Fun

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    Sharing the Water Fountain

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    Being Grateful for Staying Cool

    Via: Rumble Viral

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    Taking a Breather at the Beach

    Via: 26brooks

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    Refusing to Wake Up From a Nap While There's Still a Good Sunbeam

    Via: Jennifer Heaton

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    Learning How to Swim for the First Time

    Via: Rumble Viral
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