Photoshop of the Day: Sad Man Meets Huge Carrot

Leave it to the good people at on Reddit's Photoshop Battle subreddit to make a good thing great.

Because that's just what they did with this fascinating picture of a depressed-looking man holding a very large carrot.

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    Here's the lovely original.

    Via: blue_awning

  • 2

    Right out of the gate, things took a dramatic turn.

    Via: unwantedphotoshop

    Then the typeface annoyed someone:

    Then it annoyed someone else.

    Then someone just ran with it.

  • 3

    It's so difficult to find a fresh tie

    Via: unwantedphotoshop

  • 4

    No Photoshop battle would be complete without a face swap

    Via: TheBlazingPhoenix

  • 5

    Marvelously titled 'Here's looking at you, carrot'.

    Via: dreamshoes

  • 6

    And MY carrot

    Via: thegreenllama777

  • 7


    Via: TheBlazingPhoenix

    Though someone improved it.

  • 8

    They took him to Hawaii for the first time

    Via: ubernat

    Which, if you don't remember is a take off on the Redditor who took his grandma to Hawaii for the first time.

  • 9

    Carrot man plays the blues

    Via: FlanxLycanth

  • 10

    Be happier! You're fighting for the light side!

    Via: dapricu

  • 11

    Somebody gave him what he really wants

    Via: funny-lookin-stain

  • 12

    He traded his carrot for an apple

    Via: FrodCube

  • 13

    Also expected...

    Via: funny-lookin-stain

    And it went on from there.

  • 14

    Somebody would enjoy that carrot

    Via: Shvepsas

  • 15

    Giving an offering to the dearly departed

    Via: LowSociety

  • 16

    What it looks like to someone...

    Via: L8_To_The_Party

  • 17

    Get your own White House

    Via: DPblue

  • 18

    Nice color match

    Via: Fatguy73

  • 19

    It's a root vegetable!

    Via: j_bro10

  • 20

    Pen swap!

    Via: BoulderFreeZone

  • 21

    Just remember Guitar Hero being more fun than that

    Via: EirikurG

  • 22

    Oh brother

    Via: satitanic
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