Photoshop Battle of the Day: Fat Slenderman Will Haunt Your October and Your Fridge

Another day, another fantastic Photoshop battle, brought to you busy community over at r/photoshopbattles.

With the spooky season starting, slenderman has begun to stalk your nightmares.

Although he ain't so slender anymore.

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    Here's the original. Just a man browsing at Walmart.

    Via: rahkshi_hunter

  • 2

    It's affecting his work

    Via: Deathtothejuice

  • 3

    "Legend has it, Jared Fogle went to Subway to lose weight..."

    Via: Nill1

    Commenter so_throwed said, "Eat flesh".

  • 4

    A few commenters just did the regular Slenderman thing, but with this new, enhanced version

    Via: fuckyouotherjija

  • 5

    The horror almost floated away

    Via: i_am_a_bot_ama

  • 6

    Something sinister hides in this rather large nesting doll

    Via: j_bro10

  • 7

    A poor diguise

    Via: DrWankalot

    For all the people hiding among the flock.

  • 8

    Have a Monty Python reference

    Via: workingat7

  • 9

    Fat Slenderman presents

    Via: Shappie

  • 10

    Answer him!

    Via: capoeira_rio2016

  • 11

    Fat Slenderman bursts

    Via: evil-i
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