Today's Medal Count: The Problem With Medals

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Today's Medal Count looks a bit different from the other days. We're featuring a different Medal Counter that weighs gold medals against the others and is updated more frequently. Our old medal count weighed gold too, but we had to hunt around a bit to find a similar one that updated more often.

Putting weight on the amount of gold medals won leaves China in first, followed by the United States and Great Britain. Although it's up to personal preference, really, we here at Roflympics believe that gold medals should be weighted when considering how many total medals a country has won.

Finally, because we don't want to change things up on you TOO much, here's some Italian facts because our resident Italian-American demanded it. Did you know that Italy is home to the Statue of David, Circus Maximus, and is also the birthplace of eyeglasses?

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