Dogs Who Just Want to Say Hi But Aren't Allowed to Leave Their Yard

These dogs just love everyone but they clearly aren't allowed to leave the yard and see the world. Luckily, they found a way to greet the world by popping their heads outside the fence.

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    Via: @tomo398

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    Good Day to You!

    Via: yamasita0202

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    Got Any Treats?

    Via: @b9___

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    Psst... Over Here!

    Via: @koba_kiyo_3

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    Hey, Have You Seen My Owner? He Left For Work Five Minutes Ago and I Haven't Seem Him Since

    Via: @tn12nozolove

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    You Coming This Way?

    Via: @kazuydk0708

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    Hey, Can You Squeeze Some Pets Into Your Walking Agenda?

    Via: @akakon_4x

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    Don't Forget About Me!

    Via: @DOMINON1

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    What Do You Mean You Can See Me? I'm Just a Brick

    Via: @midori_hr04

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    You There! What Day Is It?

    Via: @sae728

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    Sure I'd Like to Play but I Can't Fit

    Via: @dogpic84
    A Little Help?

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    Hi Hi Hi

    Via: @mesomeso1009

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    Let Me Poke My Head Out Just Enough to Catch the Perfect Lighting for That Picture

    Via: @yu_guitarworks

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    Someday I'll Be Free...

    Via: @kawara94
    For now... got any treats?

    We're waiting.
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