Feeling Anxious? These Web Comics Will Distract You by Reminding You That You're Not the Only One

Everybody has some anxiety. Some people have a LOT of anxiety but it's important to know that you're not alone. Probably... I mean, everything will be ok, right? You know what, forget I said anything, I'm going to go hide under the covers and watch Netflix.

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    Wheel of Anxiety

    Via: Pie Comic

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    Mental Health Magic

    Via: 1111 Comics

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    Just Take a Deep Breath and Push Those Feelings Waaayyyy Down

    Via: annavonsyfert

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    That's The Difference Between Superheroes And Ducks

    Via: Fowl Language Comics

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    Let's Talk About Anxiety

    Via: Mollie Writes

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    Mushroom Kingdom is Not My Scene

    Via: good-gamers

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    Anxiety Again?

    Via: Escapist Magazine

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    Well at Least You Learned Something

    Via: Channel Ate

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    It's Like Every Day is an Adventure

    Via: Sean Clark

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    Social Anxiety Is Horrible

    Via: Xetrov1

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    Just be Cool, Man

    Via: Poorly Drawn Lines

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    Maybe Later When I'm Done Replaying This Conversation Over and Over in my Head

    Via: Beth Evans

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    Know Your Social Cues

    Via: Merc Works
    All you need to know about social interaction in four panels.

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    Hide and Please Don't Seek

    Via: Pictures in Boxes

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    That Loser Plays Board Games?

    Via: Happy Jar

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    Ah, That Feels Better

    Via: Beth Evans
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