If You Thought Your Date Went Badly, Read These #WorstFirstDate Tweets

First dates have a tendency to be awkward. Two people are just getting to know each other, sometimes people start to show their true colors and they aren't what the other person had in mind. If you're feeling bad about the last date you had, just read these #WorstFirstDate Tweets to put everything in perspective.

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    Via: kingedhill

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    You Don't Want to Hear Either of Those on a First Date

    Via: @haleyminterr

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    Not the Best Time to Say, "I'll Have What She's Having"

    Via: @JessieB365

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    She Obviously Did Not

    Via: @DianeKerstein

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    At Least She Came Prepared

    Via: futilitypatent

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    Family Reunions Are Not the Best Place to Pick Up Ladies

    Via: @writtenbyken

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    So You're Off to a Rocky Start...

    Via: ringbyspringlu

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    How Else Would He Get a Second Date?

    Via: becca61063

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    That Doesn't Sound Cool to You?

    Via: NarMuseLoch

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    That's Cold!

    Via: AlexaDichio

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    She is Now

    Via: alisonewynn
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