Teen Heartthrob Jake T. Austin Started Dating a Fan, Sparking Renewed Hope in Fangirls Everywhere

Jake T. Austin is a Disney star, known for his role as the youngest Wizard of Waverly Place. Danielle Caesar started pursuing him via a barrage of Tweets since 2011, now they're really a couple. Young ladies everywhere are holding out hope for their chance to have their idol fall in love with them.

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    Jake T. Austin Announced Their Relationship With This Post on Instagram

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    Via: @jaketaustin
    He's confirmed it to the media as well.

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    She Met Him as a Fan And Started Chatting Him Up on Twitter. For Five Years.

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    Via: @danielle_sayz
    And hey, it worked.

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    Maybe Danielle Caesar Should Write a Book About It

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    Via: @cxrtney
    This girl would buy.

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    Some Girls Have Started Asking, Why Not Me

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    Via: @typedbieber
    Actually, Justin Bieber of all people might be up for it. History has shown, all you need to do is be hot and have an Instagram account.

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    And Just When Their Friends and Family Got Them to Move On, There's Hope Again!

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    Via: @jumpmandolans

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    After All, Nothing is Impossible... NOTHING!

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    Via: @PenguinNiallxr
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