The Internet Tried to Top Jeb Bush's Latest Tweet but It's so Ridiculous Everything Else Just Falls Short

Jeb Bush woke up today thinking, "What is America?" That's when he ran out and bought a gun so that he could Tweet the most 'Murica Tweet that has ever been posted with complete sincerity. The obvious stream of memes followed but, unfortunately for Jeb, it was really hard to top the original punchline/genuine attempt at a heartfelt, patriotic Tweet. That isn't to say they aren't worth reading, some of them may even inspire you to clap.

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    Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Wanted to Make a Statement in This Tweet

    Via: @JebBush
    That statement was 'Murica!

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    That Tweet Got Some Criticism

    Via: @TalibKweli

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    Lots of People Pointed Out That Something Seems Missing From This Picture

    Via: @AndrewBerkshire

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    And It Was Immediately Followed by Twitter Users Making Their Own "America" Tweets

    Via: @rustyk5

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    But As Ridiculous as the New "America" Posts Got

    Via: @TheRealKSD

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    They Just Didn't Match the Sincerity of the Original

    Via: @sarahw

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    Bless His Heart

    Via: @mashable

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    At Least We Know Where to Move If He Wins the Election

    Via: @matthewchampion

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    Although, Australia Looks Pretty Good Too

    Via: @FlipPrior

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    Ok, These "Australia" Tweets are Causing Some Mixed Feelings

    Via: @BernardKeane
    It looks like there are many Australians who have different ideas about what "Australia" means.

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    It Could Be Fun!

    Via: @mpesce

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    Via: @BridiesTyping

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    Or At Least Funny

    Via: @mathaiaus

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    Nope, Never Mind. I Guess We're Staying Here

    Via: @TheMurdochTimes
    Australia looks too dangerous. Maybe we could bring our guns?
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