Chris Christie Looks Like He's Been Taken Hostage and the Internet is Starting to Worry About Him

Chris Christie made an appearance next to Donald Trump with such a somber and uncomfortable demeanor that some people started to suspect he'd been kidnapped. The hashtag #FreeChristie was even created. His pitiful expression inspired the internet to rally around him to ask, "You okay there, buddy?" in the only way they know how... memes.

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    Chris Christie Endorsed Trump, Now He's in Real Trouble

    Via: @TheFix

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    Chris Christie Apparently Made This Face Through the Entire Speech

    Via: netw3rk

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    He's Clearly Started Questioning the Choices That Led Him to a Lifetime of Trump Servitude

    Via: thenateralph

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    And He Probably Just Found Out Donald's Real Last Name is Drumpf

    Via: @Kyle_Lippert

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    You'll Want To Turn the Sound on For This One

    Via: Ronan Farrow

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    Seriously Though, People Are Starting to Worry

    Via: @joshtpm
    via @fakedansavage, via @pourmecoffee

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    Maybe There's a Reasonable Explanation for All This

    Via: @xmasape

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    Perhaps He Wandered Into This Situation and It Only Looks Bad

    Via: nick pants
    (Tip: Sound is key to enjoying this video)

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    Even If He Hasn't Been Kidnapped, It's Really Messing With Some People's Presidential Betting Pool

    Via: @poniewozik

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    But, No, the Pain is Too Real

    Via: @LouisPeitzman

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    Guys, He's Suffering. How Do We Save Him?

    Via: @RonanFarrow
    At least now we know what the entire United States would look like if Donald Trump actually became president. 
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