This Baby's Luscious Head of Hair Inspired a Photoshop Battle

Reddit user DoubleCrossGender posted this picture of her baby cousin and her anchorman hair. Obviously, the internet can't let such a dapper hairstyle go to waste so a Photoshop battle was born. We'll be honest, there were a lot of photoshops inserting the faces of famous men, it seems like it's a popular hairstyle, but these were the absolute best.

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    The Original

    Via: BobbyCock

  • 2

    What a Precious Little Hairub

    Via: davepollotart

  • 3

    Milk Was a Bad Choice

    Via: Andrography101

  • 4

    In Other News, Who's a Baby?

    Via: 2Thebreezes
    This girl. 

  • 5

    Hairy Potter!

    Via: @Yes-Sarasly

  • 6

    Get The Camera, She's Dancing!

    Via: circusemily

  • 7

    That's MUCH Better

    Via: cracracracra
    Just tremendous!

  • 8


    Via: unclegut

  • 9

    John Stamos Really Changed Since the Original Full House

    Via: Mr-Pewpew99

  • 10

    Even the Smallest Person Can Change the Course of the Future

    Via: Oxilixo

  • 11

    I Don't Always Drink From a Bottle, But When I Do...

    Via: dylan_bigdaddy

  • 12

    The Perfect Way to Advertise Haircare

    Via: bergamer

  • 13

    There's Only One Thing I Hate More Than Lying: Skim Milk

    Via: alsheps

  • 14

    One Night Only

    Via: unsound_thinking
    Performance will include crying right when you're about to get to sleep, and then again at three AM.
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