The Internet Is Sharing Their Hilarious Theories to How Instagram's New Logo Came to Be

Five glorious years with the classic Polaroid camera Instagram logo have come to an end. On Wednesday, Instagram officially changed their logo and the reactions were anything but positive. The Internet has since been trying to hypothesize how this new (very basic) logo came to be.

Which theory do you agree with most?

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    Durexcellent Resemblance

    Via: ayyjqce

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    Choosing the Perfect Background Isn't Easy

    Via: 4evrmalone

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    A Sacrifice Was Made

    Via: Alllahdin

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    YEP! Had to Be WordArt

    Via: CharlieHustleCo

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    3 out of 4

    Via: erikinternet

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    Inspired by Leftover Christmas Candy

    Via: ThePoke

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    Behind the Scenes Footage of How the New Instagram Logo Was Designed

    Via: CharlieAldred
    For reference: 

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    Same Same

    Via: tomwarren

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    Please, Leave Nintendo Alone

    Via: Nintendo_Corp

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    Here's the Actual Meaning Behind the New Logo

    Via: instagram
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