Here Are Some of the Best Ways That People Are Celebrating National Send a Nude Day

Apparently it's National Send a Nude Day today? So, in celebration of yet another fake and oddly specific national holiday, people on Twitter have been sharing their nudes. Cue pictures of naked mole rats...

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    Before You Share Watch This Weird and Unsettling PSA

    Via: NSPCC

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    Don't Worry If You Don't Get Any

    Via: @TheBrandonBowen
    It's just a holiday made up by the card companies anyway.

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    And Now It's Time to See Some Buns

    Via: @Cinnabon

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    PUNS... We Meant to Say Puns

    Via: @_brainy_beauty

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    Via: @MaiyaSykes1

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    Via: @SugarGretel

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    And Then Some "Legit Nudes" That Are Obviously Fake

    Via: @laputyn
    Or at least a little photoshopped.

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    Via: @MaxGeiger

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    Via: @Phil_Lewis_

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    Via: @2dAmMuslim

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    Just Remember It Can Be Pretty Risky to Put It All Out There Online

    Via: @TheBloggess

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    So We'll Leave You With This

    Via: KenMwendwa
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