Twitter Bot Creates New Ways to Leave Your Lover Based on Paul Simon's 1975 Hit Song

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Egress Methods is its name and creating rhyming ways to leave your lover is its game. The Twitter bot was programmed to randomly generate a new method of breaking up every few hours based on Paul Simon's hit song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." So no need to be coy, Roy...just slip out the back, Jack. And if neither of those are your name, just check out this Twitter feed, and you'll have the rhyming answer on how to leave your lover in no time.

Paul Simon claimed that there must be fifty ways to leave your lover, but in his famous song he named far fewer than that. Egress Methods, a twitter bot, fulfills the promise that Mr. Simon could not — and then some –tweeting a randomly generated formula for lover-leaving every few hours, from now into eternity.

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