Australian Man Pleads Guilty to Facebook Harassment, Faces 3 Years in Prison

It's all troll and games until somebody makes a "rape" joke.

Back in August, Olivia Melville was the subject of a online abuse after a screenshot of her Tinder profile was uploaded to a stranger's Facebook page. A mutual friend alerted Olivia and soon her friends came to her defense. That's when things got heated.

The post began picking up traction across Facebook, until one person (Zane) began dropping rape threats and other violence towards Olivia.

Now, Zane faces 3 years in prison.

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    Chris Hall Posted the Original Thread

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    Via mic

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    "It's just a song lyric" --- Don't you know Nicki Minaj, people?

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    The "calvary" should have stayed far away

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    Zane ended up writing more than 50 posts on the thread.

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    This week he changed his plea from "not guilty" to "guilty" on the first day of his trial. If convicted, the crime of "making online sexual threats" could land Zane behind bars for three years.

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    Via SVWBS
    The FB group Olivia and friends started posted this update on Sunday.
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