The Shitshow that is The Republican National Convention Has Started and Here's the Best (So Far)

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland started today. The four day affair is the official place for the GOP to nominate their 2016 Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump. The rumors of a political coup to overthrow Trump from officially getting the party's nod has been brewing since he started winning primary delegates. We'll keep you updated on all the chaotic political nonsense with the best of the internet right here.

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    Day 1: Chaos Throws Out the "Law & Order" to Start the GOP Convention

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    So Much for 50 States, Two Already Quit

    Via: @DefendWallSt

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    "Virginia is for Lovers" Politican Cuccinelli wants a Divorce

    Via: @WillieGeist

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    Via: @TheLastRefuge2

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    Via: @FrankLuntz

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    The Daily Show's got the RNC speaker itinerary ??

    Via: @TheDailyShow

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    Even ficitional Frank Underwood is ready to pounce on the chaotic RNC

    Via: @RepUnderwoodSC

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    Via: @Plantflowes

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    Sometimes Shit is Just too Chaotic and You Gotta Watch Some Cute Animals

    Via: @sarahkendzior
    For once we can all agree with Fox News.

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    Via: @Miss_Close

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    Via: #RNC

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    Donald Trump Walks Out to Queen's "We are the Champions" and the Internet Doesn't Miss a Beat

    Via: #RNCinCLE
    Trump was walking out only to briefly introduce his wife Melania, the marquee speaker of the first night.

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    And then Melania Trump Spoke

    Via: #RNCinCLE

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    Part of Melania Trump's Speech was Pulled From a Soon-to-be-FLOTUS 2008 Speech

    Via: @nickimayonews

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    Via: @KingBrooks1

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    Via: #RNCinCLE

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    Via: @nick_marr

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    Stephen Colbert Sums Up the Republican National Convention in Song and Dance

    Via: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
    Nothing like a musical number to take the edge off. 
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