Is Trump's Mysterious Speech Writer Meredith McIver a Figment of His Own Imagination?

Meredith McIver is the speech writer who took responsibility for Melania Trump's plagiarism (you may have heard about it?). But people aren't convinced that Meredith is even real, leading to the internet's new favorite conspiracy theory. Is Meredith McIver a fake persona created by Trump? Let's examine the evidence.

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    First, There's the Infamous Story of "John Miller"

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    After Melania Trump's Plagiarism Was No Longer Deniable, Meredith Issued This Statement

    Via: donaldjtrump

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    No One Seems to Know Who She Is

    Via: @JoyAnnReid

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    But She's Definitely REAL Guys, Just Look at Her Social Media Pages

    Via: @SheWhoVotes

    via @steakhousegirl

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    Speaking of Social Media Accounts

    Via: @Diane_7A

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    And Then There's This...

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    As Tradition Demands, This Controversy Has Sparked a Call for Birth Certificates

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    The Pressure is On to Prove This Mysterious Person Actually Exists

    Via: @Patrickesque

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    Oh, Look, They Found Her!

    Via: @lileAmile
    Okay that's not really her, but some news sites did some digging and claim that other things such as her voter registration and a profile with the All American Speakers Bureau confirm that she did exist before July 2016.
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