The Internet Reacts to Graham, an Indestructible Humanoid Designed to Survive Car Crashes

Australia has a known reputation to get a little absurd with their PSAs. Their most recent campaign paid for by Australia's Transport Accident Commission depicts a hairy man with no neck, air bag nipples, and a Juggernaut-style head built to survive any car wreck.

A trauma surgeon and crash expert joined forces to create Graham and, like Stoner Sloth, the internet instantly fell in love with him.

Buckle up for safety! But, if you've got hundreds of nipples you should be legit.

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    Meet Graham!

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    Via: dailymail

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    The large chest and extra nipples are meant to act as air bags, protecting his rib cage.

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    Via: dailymail

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    No neck means no whiplash. His chubby cheeks is designed to protect his nose and ears.

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    Via: dailymail

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    Not even the strongest man can hold himself up in a car crash. These flamingo legs help...

    Cheezburger Image 8822897920
    Via: dailymail

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    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.

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    Via: @The_Best_Smart

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    Graham is the NEW Stoner Sloth

    Via: aa4398743873
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