Bernie Sanders Live-Tweeted Donald Trump's RNC Speech and Absolutely Roasted Him

Bernie Sanders followed along with Donald Trump's RNC speech last night and commented with the hashtag #RNCwithBernie. Here's what he thought of what the Republican presidential candidate had to say.

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    Plenty of People Tuned in for Donald Trump's Speech

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    Via: @carsonjones39

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    Here's the Entire Speech, but Beware, It's Like an Hour of Donald Trump Talking

    Via: ABC15 Arizona

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    Meanwhile, Bernie Sat at Home Live-Tweeting the Occasion

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    Via: @BernieSanders

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    And He Did NOT Like the Shoutout From Trump Suggesting Bernie Voters Would Vote for Him

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    Via: BernieSanders

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    Sanders Wasted No Time Pointing Out the Flaws in Trump's Platform

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    Via: @BernieSanders

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    And the Internet Was Definitely Feeling the Bern

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    Via: @TheresaSchroe14

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    via @jaytheking,@elizadwrites,@TheMasonReport,@carsonjones39,@LizzyBaine,@Ridgelandd

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    And Then There's This Guy, Asking the Important Questions

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    Via: @RajPC1
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