Jared Leto Wore a Bold, Green Coat to the Suicide Squad Premiere So Some Jokers on the Internet Photoshopped Him

If you know anything about 'Suicide Squad', then you know just how METHOD Jared Leto is. Like, seriously, this guy is EDGY and it sounds like he spent most of his time on set just making sure everyone was clear on that. Now that he's out of costume, it seems like he had a hard time letting go of the Joker's trademark green color. After the Suicide Squad premiere this outfit became part of a glorious photoshop battle because, well, this is the internet. It's what we do.

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    Here's Jared in His Amazing Chroma Key Dreamcoat

    Via: ifknlovela

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    Already in Character for a New Film

    Via: Invertedwhy

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    Via: Invertedwhy

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    Via: 2000sFrankieMuniz

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    Perfect Reference for Someone Who's 'So Random'

    Via: Invertedwhy

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    Via: 7061756c

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    Via: HerrSchnellsch

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    Via: emperordeath1

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    Via: intelligentfolly

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    Via: kevinstu20

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    It's Not Easy Being Green

    Via: aidanhatton99

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    Via: TheHongKongBong

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    Via: foyherald

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    Worst Face Swap Ever

    Via: djdadzone

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    Via: kirksucks

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    Via: kathiejo

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    And Here's Some Additional, Very Important Source Material

    Via: @jasonnmomoa
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