Our Seven Favorite SciFi Dads

With Father's Day just around the corner, we thought it was time to talk about our favorite fathers (and father figures) in Science Fiction. If you're reading this, dad, don't worry, you're still my hero (and also: please consider my proposition below). Let us know who your favorite scifi dads are in the comments!

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    Bill Adama

    Via: S-von-P
    Admiral Adama wasn't just a father to Lee, but also to Starbuck, and to the whole fleet--well, except maybe Laura Roslin; that'd be weird.

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    Uncle Owen

    You can't talk about scifi dads without Star Wars, they said. Darth Vader is the most famous scifi dad of all time, they said. Man, forget Vader; Uncle Owen deserves all the credit for bringing up young Luke. He could have worked on the whining thing a bit more, though.

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    John Winchester

    So maybe the Winchester boys didn't have the perfect upbringing, but John did his best, and turned out two damn fine boys.

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    "They can be a great people, Kal-El they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason, above all—their capacity for good—I have sent them you, my only son." HE GAVE US HIS SON. Plus, I can probably get my dad to see this movie with me this weekend.

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    Wilfred Mott

    Wilfred Mott's got moves, style, sass, and most importantly, heart. He may not be her actual father, but Donna Noble's grandad is worth at least three regular fathers.

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    Walter Bishop

    Via: KristalStittle
    A bit forgetful and an eternal man-child, sure, but if you've seen the show, you know what Walter's done for Peter. That's love.

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    Zombie Apocalypse Dad

    Hands down, this guy wins father of the year. Every year.
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