A Picture of Usain Bolt Making Out With a Random in Rio Has Terrified the Internet

Usain Bolt's 30th birthday party in Rio was one for the ages.

Yesterday, a story leaked of Usain Bolt cheating on his girlfriend after 20-year-old, Jady Duarte, shared pictures to social media. The girl openly described her one night stand with the Fastest Man Alive in an interview.

Today, a picture from that same club where Bolt met Jady is making the rounds on social media. The pic shows Usain Bolt "making out" with a random girl, but the internet believes there's more to the story...

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    Yesterday, it was this...

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    Via: Cheez_Burglar

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    And today it was this...

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    Via: theshaderoom.com

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    But was that even a kiss tho?

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    Via: @LaurennDaviesx

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