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Meet Mr. London Meow, The Fluffy Therapy Cat Who Spreads Joy And Happiness

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    This adorable therapy cat delights patients at the Royal London Hospital throughout the year in his role as Pets as a Therapy cat.

    Cat - The Royal London Hospital Re Main Entrance PETS AS THERAPY petsastherapyorg
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    Thanks to Mr. London's healing powers, patients feel better and escape the stress and pain of their everyday lives.


    Studies show that petting an animal can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and alleviate feelings of depression and loneliness. 

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    Mr. London is one of 80 therapy animals registered with Pets as Therapy in the UK and his laid-back yet playful personality makes him the ideal therapy cat for those in need.

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    As a therapy cat, Mr. London is comfortable with meeting new people and being held by strangers. He's confident in public settings, and he's never one to let a loud noise or unfamiliar experience ruffle his fluffy fur.

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    Word spreads quickly when this therapy cat walks into a hospital, and he's now a regular face among hospital staff. Everyone looks forward to his visits

    Cat - Acorn Children's Unit PETS 45 THERAPY

    He even shares his life on social media, so make sure you check out Mr. London the therapy cat on Facebook and Twitter!


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