Mountain Goat Kids Arrive At Oregon Zoo And Can't Contain The Hops

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This week, two young Rocky Mountain goats have been introduced to their new home in Oregon Zoo and simply can't contain their bouncy, fluffy selves. The mountain goats are 5-month-olds — a male named Murphy and a female named Lena. Murphy and Lena are joining some adult goats Sassy and Montane in the rocky Cascade Crest habitat near the zoo's main entrance. 

Amy Cutting, who oversees the zoo's Great Northwest area had this to say, "We are so happy to welcome these kids into the herd. They started scampering around their new habitat right away, and soon enough Sassy and Montane will be showing them the ropes."  

Even though the young goats are very young, that haven't stopped them from mastering the art of hopping from rock to rock! 

Cutting continues to talk about these goat kids, "These kids came from Olympic National Park, so we're especially grateful we can provide a home for them here. Mountain goats are a non-native species in those mountains, and it's critical for that unique ecosystem that they be removed"  

All we can say after watching these adorable bouncy kids run around... man, we wish we had that energy. 

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