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Cartoon-Eyed Husky Finds Forever Home

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    Sweet Jubilee! Her looks stem from a congenital condition that “does not affect her in any way or slow her down one bit,” the Husky House group said.

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    Husky House tried a Facebook post begging for someone to love a dog who knows she’s “not pretty.” Jubilee adores people, they said. She’s a bit shy, sure, but that’s “because people mostly laugh” at her.

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    Thankfully, the rest of the world could look beyond superficial looks and see Jubilee for who she really was, an adorable unique husky who has so much love to give!


    "We are so happy to see that everyone feels she is as wonderful as we always knew she was," Husky House said in a statement to The Washington Post.

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    News of the happy ending for Jubilee came in a follow-up Facebook post. Jubilee getting a sudsy “makeover” in preparation for her big adoption day!

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    Here is Jubilee with her new forever family!

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