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Zoo Celebrates The Birth Of Five Baby Otters With An Adorable Pool Party

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    The newborn otter pups, who each weigh just over a pound, were led by their parents, Annie and Wallace straight to the pool.

     As you can see from the video, they were quite happy about it- dipping their tiny toes in the pool while splashing around. 

    Hannah Owens, assistant team manager at Chester Zoo, said in a press statement: "Seeing the pups taking their first steps outside and dipping their paws into the water is wonderful. The pups are gaining confidence all the time and it's great to see each of their little personalities starting to shine through. Annie and Wallace are experienced parents so, with some gentle encouragement, the pups will soon be gliding through the water in no time. For the time being though, until their waterproof coats are fully developed, they're just dipping their toes in and getting used to being close to the water". 

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    The zoo asked the public to come up with names for the 3 girls and 2 boys

    Groundhog - Chester Zoo CHESTER ZOO @chesterzoo jOur FIVE otter pups have been NAMEDI Everyone, meet the boys Dino and River
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    Adaptation - Chester Zoo CHESTER ZO0 @chesterzoo and three girls Pebbles, Blossom and Rainbow 6:18 pm · 28 Jan 2020 · Twitter Web App
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    Here are some photos from their wonderful day in the pool:

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