Workers Respond after Boss Says They're Unqualified for their Job

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    Text - r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/grrodon2 20 hours ago No promotion = less work, same pay |ос м I work for a passenger boat company. We have 3 tasks while on board: secure the boats for embarking and disembarking, keep an eye out for safety and order, and check tickets and issue fines. A few years ago, the company asked some of the senior staff to temporarily switch to ticket inspector for high season, with the promise to move permanently within a year.
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    Text - Inspectors get a higher pay, and they only do one task, which is checking tickets and issue fines, a thing that we are already required to do. So many of us say yes, gladly. At the end of the season, our reps contact us, and say that we have performed well, so the company is having an examination for our promotion. We say we were assured we would be promoted no matter what. Meanwhile, there's a batch of recent hires who have personal ties with the Union and the higher-ups. They aren't ver
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    Text - Now, we don't have much choice, so we agree to the exam, and surprise surprise, pretty much nobody makes the cut (they had to promote 2 because they knew they got perfect score), despite the exam being for a job that some of us have been doing for decades. At this point, the company has no choice but to "look" for qualified people among the more recent hires. And wouldn't you know? Pretty much all of those who belong to that category immediately pass. Now, the key detail. After we were fa
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    Text - The malicious compliance: we took those words to the letter, and we stopped performing the tasks of ticket inspectors, which had been part of our job for years. Either we are fit for a job, or we are unfit. We brought our letter with us, and the first few times supervisors tried to write us up for failing to check the tickets, we promptly produced our very much official dispensation. Not only this decreased our work load immensely, letting us breeze through even the tougher shifts with ea
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    Text - Now the supervisors don't even bother with us anymore, and I have that rejection letter in a box with other dear memories (like my old d&d character sheets). Edit- I forgot the cherry on top: a couple of months later, their timetable was modified, having them take service at 5am twice a week. There's no way I could have kept that up (I worked late shifts for most my career). Dodged that bullet!


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