These Fan Theories Will Change How You Feel About Your Favorite Shows and Video Games

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    'Grease' Fan Theory Suggests That Sandy Didn't Have a Happy Ending After All

    image fan theory grease Grease Fan Theory Suggests That Sandy Didn't Have a Happy Ending After All
    Is this fan theory a little too morbid? Well, there's an alternate theory to why the end scene was basically a fantasy. 

    via Randomd0g

    Wait... that one might be worse. 
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    This Pokemon Go Fan Theory Makes a Lot of Sense

    Cheezburger Image 8983277056
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    This Pixar Fan Theory Reveals the Secret Identity of Andy's Mom in Toy Story

    image toy story fan theory This Pixar Fan Theory Reveals the Secret Identity of Andy's Mom in Toy Story
    It seems that this story originated on the film review website of a man named Jon Negroni. The evidence is there, if you look close enough. 

    - Andy's hat looks more like Jesse's hat than Woody's hat. 
    -Jesse is pictured with that hat in her previous owner's room
    -Jesse's previous owner is old enough to be Andy's mom and has the same hair color. 

    Unfortunately, Pete Doctor, the writer of several Pixar films has denied any truth to this theory.... but he could be lying right? RIGHT? 
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    Every Adam Sandler Movie Is Connected, and Not Just By Their Poor Ratings

    Language  Warning: Late in the video, some clips from Sandler's work get a little saucy with the language. 

    Comedian Shawn Kohne calls it "The Sandlerverse".

    via @TheUniBaller

    He maps out, in detail how every Sandler movie is related. He even goes so far as to take into account other movies from SNL alumni and his comedy albums as well. 

    As interesting as this conspiracy theory of the growing Sandlerverse is, it's doubtful this revelation will save us from more movies by Adam Sandler. It almost makes them seem worth it though... almost. 
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    This Ridiculous Harry Potter Theory Claims That Harry Actually Died, and Dumbledore Lied

    Remember when Voldemort struck down Harry Potter in the series' finale, and then Harry woke up in a heavenly King's Cross station, where he met Dumbledore and learned just how f**ked he might've been?

    Yeah, well this fairly decent theory from Reddit user WippitGuud, claims that Dumbledore was just spitting lies. Read and make of it for yourself:

    When Harry was in Kings Cross in his head, he could have chosen to move on. Which means he was dead. There was some other force at work which gave him the choice to return to life, without needing the methods Voldemort had to use to create a new body. And Harry had something of that level of power with him - master of the united Hallows: he had the stone and the cloak, and the curse was cast from the Elder Wand, which he was currently master of.

    Because Harry chose to not defend himself, the Wand was not defeating Harry, so its allegiance did not change. Dumbledore even comments on it, "And that, I think, will have made all the difference." Had he tried to duel, he would've lost allegiance to the wand when he lost, and simply died.

    Dumbledore lied to Harry. Probably to protect him — knowing you're the master of the Hallows could make anyone power hungry.

    What do you think of that?

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    Ben Schwartz Reveals the Truth Behind the Theory That Steve from Stranger Things Is Parks and Rec's Jean-Ralphio's Real Dad

    Just look at the comparison though, it has to be true. 

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    A Fan Theory Asks, Is Dennis from Always Sunny a Serial Killer?

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    No Wonder She's So Interested in Government Work

    Cheezburger Image 8984168448
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    Strap on Your Conspiracy Theory Caps and Watch This Rick and Morty Fan Explain the Secrets of the Multiverse

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    This Fan Theory Linking Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast Will Not Blow Your Mind, Cause It Ain't True

    false beauty and the beast aladdin connection theory
    You may have seen a headline on Facebook (it's trending, whatever that means) about a fan theory that supposes Belle's favorite book is actually about Aladdin. It's a swell idea based on a 2013 post by Tumblr user PetiteTiaras interpreting a line the song "Little Town" in Beauty and the Beast, but it just doesn't hold up.

    For starters, Aladdin isn't a "prince in disguise;" he's quite the opposite. 

    Also, a little later in the song, Belle shows the book to a flock of sheep and we get a look at an illustration that looks nothing like Agrabah:

    Unless this book is a compilation of stories, there's no way this is about Aladdin, and given that she refers to it as having chapters in the lyrics, that seems pretty unlikely. 

    The song does make a pretty straightforward reference to Jack and the Beanstalk, when Belle tells the baker she just finised a story (in a different book) about "a beanstalk and an ogre," so hold tight to the knowledge that other fairy tales do exist in Beauty and the Beast, even if they're not Aladdin.
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    Theory: Where Are All Those Stones at in Gen 2?

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    We Have a Legit Theory on Our Hands Right Here, Folks

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    This Rey Origin Theory Provides an Exciting Alternative to What Everyone Assumes (SPOILERS)

    If you haven't yet seen Star Wars VII, turn away!

    For the rest of us, YouTuber Mr Sunday Movies has an interesting idea about who Rey might really be. According to his theory, Rey is actually the granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi, born of a child he fathered during the gap between III and IV. It's certainly a less obvious theory than the one that frames her as Luke's daughter, but it would make for a nice twist, and an opportunity for Star Wars to not treat its audience like a bunch of idiots who need to be hit over the head with symbolism.
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    A Fan Constructed A "Documentary" About the REAL Karate Kid

    From the video description:
    In 1983, a senior at West valley high filmed his final school year. What he captured would inspire one of the greatest movies of the 1980's. This is the true story of the real....Karate Kid.

    This is not actually a true story, in case that wasn't clear. I took all the behind the scenes footage I could, the rehearsal videos, and cut them together to tell a new story that I wrote about Johnny. I brought in some of my friends to do Voice Over for me (big thanks to them) and edited it all together to create this mockumentary. I hope you enjoy it.
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    This Guy Claims to Have the Super Weird Internet Series 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' All Figured Out

    If you're unfamiliar with "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" you can watch the first episode here:

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    Pokémon-Trainer Fusion? Burst Hearts in Pokémon Sun and Moon

    Kind of an out there theory when you see the title, but I think there's good evidence that this guy presents that shows there might be some sort of new transformative element to Pokémon in Sun and Moon
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    What If Neo Isn't Actually 'The One' in the Matrix?

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    Game Of Thrones Gets Another Crazy Fan Theory Around Jon Snow

    Game of thrones memes season 5 Fans concoct another Jon Snow theory.

    Tons of spoilers, yo.

    Did Jon Snow have a twin sister?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Game of Thrones fan theories where anything is possible, everyone is everyone's brother/sister/lover/murderer and no one ever dies.

    The most recent theory to ride the bloody waves of season five's finale is based around the prevailing R+L=J theory, which basically holds that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. If you don't know about this, then watch the following helpful video:

    Building off that theory and the presumed death of Jon Snow in the final scenes of season five, a new theory has sprung up, delicately explained by Mashable.

    Here's where things get even more crazy. Some people are now combining an old theory – that Meera Reed, the girl currently with Bran, is actually Jon Snow's twin sister – with this other theory about Jon Snow's parentage; hence the R+L=J+M.

    Despite the fact that Jon Snow looks a hell of a lot older than Meera in the TV series, this impressively in-depth Wiki of Ice and Fire lists the birth years of both characters as 283 AC – which would make them the same age. When you add in the fact that Lyanna Stark is also listed by the Wiki as dying in 283 AC (and Meera's supposed father Howland Reed was with Ned at the Tower of Joy on the day they went to find Lyanna), it seems like there's more than enough ground for a good old fan theory.

    You know Meera, she's the gal with the bow and the sister of the mysterious Jojen. They weren't seen this past season and are probably still just hanging around with that old tree dude, who turned out to be the three-eyed crow.

    If this theory is true, it basically means three things.

    1. Jon Snow might actually be dead, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

    2. Meera's got a much bigger role to play than we thought.

    3. Game of Thrones stole the plot of Star Wars and added lots of sex.

    "My father has it, I have it, my sister has it, and they all did each other." — Jon Snow, maybe
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    Is Mauville in Economic Problems?

    This could be true, but it sounds a little bit farfetch'd
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    What If There Really is no Batman?

    Cheezburger Image 8496112128
    This DOES make more sense than a guy in a suit doing all that crap
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    I'm Not Saying I Believe Back to the Future Predicted 9/11, But It Sure is a Lot of Coincidence


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