Classic Creepypastas to Copy/Paste in the Dark

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    How could anyone make a classic creepypasta list and avoid talking about Slenderman? Not only is this a creepy fake story, but it's inspired several real people to commit real crimes, making it associated with creepy real stories as well.

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    Lavender Town Syndrom/Pokemon Black

    Lavender Town Syndrome refers to an incident of mass child suicides after they heard the original version of the Lavender town song in Pokemon Red and Blue. The original creepypasta is a very long read, but here you go:

    Pokemon Black (or Pokemon Creepy Black, because they've released an actual Pokemon Black since the story cropped up) is supposedly a hacked cartridge game of Pokemon which included a mysterious Pokemon named "Ghost" that could curse other Pokemon and even people to DEATH. Since that creepypasta surfaced, mods have been made to mimic the gameplay of the story.

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    The Rake

    Basically Slenderman's feral cousin. It's a monster that the internet came together to create and he stuck in our nightmare's forever.
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    Haunted Majora's Mask/Ben Drowned

    This video series supposedly follows the playthrough of a haunted Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask cartridge. It all started by trying to initiate a bug that gave the user an extra day of play. Then things got SPOOKY

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    Candle Cove

    What started out as a creepypasta story under the guise of forum posts written by web cartoonist Kris Straub is now the basis for a Syfy TV show. You can read the whole creepypasta that gives details about a creepy kids show starring dark pirate puppets here.
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    Ted the Caver

    Here's another one that got turned into a movie. In a blog that was active between March 23rd, 2001 to May 19th, 2001 a guy named Ted, an avid spelunker, detailed his supernatural experiences while exploring a cave. He promised to update immediately after coming back from visiting the cave ONE LAST TIME... and he never did.

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    Don't look too long at this spoopy dog picture. The rumor is that if you download the image to your hard drive (or simply look for too long, depending on who is creepypasta-ing) you will go insane because it's haunted.
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    Gateway of the Mind

    Often referred to as one of the spookiest of creepypastas. The Gateway of the Mind story details a science experiment that confirms what Nietzsche already knew: God is dead. But don't take our word for it, just read it:

    viaCreepypasta Wiki
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    The Smiling Man

    Originally a creepypasta on Reddit and turned into a short film. Nobody wants to be followed by a creepy dude that won't stop smiling.
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    Let's lighten things up a bit, huh? This one is still a classic, although it's unlikely to inspire any primetime TV shows.


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