How Everyone Feels In Quarantine, As Told By 'The Office'

  • 1

    No one really understands how it started

    Facial expression
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  • 2

    But one minute we were fine and the next thing we know, we're in the middle of a global pandemic

  • 3

    No one really knows how to handle it

    Hair - FR-GGY10E lt's like my life is buffering!
  • 4

    Half of us are in quarantine, going crazy from isolation

    Gesture - Wome Apprecic Day don't even consider myself.a part of sočiety
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  • 5

    We all miss going outside

    Forehead - Odon't need freshair. Because I have the freshest airaround. A/C.
  • 6

    Throwback to the days where we could have physical contact

    White-collar worker
  • 7

    Working from home isn't all it's cracked up to be

    White-collar worker - OFFICIAL OMG MOVIEGOER Nope. Don't like that.
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  • 8

    Indoor workouts are the new gyms now

  • 9

    Will global recession hit? Who knows. Probably

    Job - woiss
  • 10

    What did we even talk about before coronavirus?

    Hair - Im boring myself just talking about this.
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  • 11


    Forehead - We are'screwed.
  • 12

    Welcome to hell.

    News - I guess this is my life now...


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