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Hotel Offers Free Cat Sitting Services For Owners Hospitalized With COVID-19

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    On a regular day, the cat-sitting service offers four-story suites for cats, usually at a rate of $20 per day for a single feline.


    With separate suites for each 'hotel guest,' cats with all kinds of needs can be accommodated, with ramps and extra sleeping space available for geriatric cats and extra privacy for nervous kittens.

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    Now, during coronavirus days, the cat hotel offers free board for cat-owners hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID-19

    Text - COVID 19 UPDATE: I'll give free board to any cat who's owner is admitted to hospital. You provide food. Vaccinated or vet-approved
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    The pet-sitting service requires every cat to be up to date on vaccinations, worm and flea-free and spayed or neutered. Food must be supplied with the cat.

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    The service also provides a play room where cats can enjoy moving toys, tunnels and a high window perch.

    Cage - CAT Charke

    For the extra concerned cat parent, an online 'kitty cam' is available to check up on your pet.


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