How To Find A Husband, 1950s Style: Tip 2

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    The 1958 edition of American magazine McCall’s, featuring '129 Ways to Get a Husband'

    Cat - 1 Get a dog and walk it 2 Heve yoer car berak dun al stestegie places * Atred pilt h take cones men 4 Join a haing club E Lock in the cesas repieta fur places with the nt sle tle vem. Nevala ha 12 alns for every 100 lemales. 6 Kend the edituaries te fand etigible widuwens - Take up gild and an t dieet golf coores R Take veral hot veations at dileres ps raiber than one long ene at ee lace 9 Sit ona pak benh aud fevil the piare MeCalls pping yeur piet 123 Ak yeur ardees 124 Make ant are eay

    That's a lot of ways! Arguably too many. But beggars can't be choosers, so let's take a look at Tip #2...

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    Tip #2 Have your car break down at strategic places


    Ok, so the premise of this tip is the assumption that you have a car — which I'm not actually sure many single women did in the 1950s. But we'll ignore that small technicality, and roll with it. So, you have a car to 'break down'. How does this one work exactly?

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    Essentially, what you're doing is turning yourself into a 'damsel in distress'...


    Let's picture the scene. You get in your car, and open your GPS to type in the destination. So far, all you have is 'a strategic place'. What does that mean and where do you find it? Is it just the side of a road, like any good horror movie? Is it right outside a garage? Perhaps it's outside a gentlemen's club. Or maybe somewhere close to the financial district. What exactly is 'a strategic place'?

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    The classic 'damsel in distress' man-trap


    We'll leave you to figure it out, but once you've picked one — somehow — all you need to do is to wait patiently, ready to strike your first willing victim. Because let's be honest, what male can't resist a poor helpless woman who needs saving... right?

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    Once you've spotted a potential husband, the acting begins


    You've found a man who you hope will come to your aid. Well done! But how to make him come over to you? Well, turning on the waterworks is always a good way to get things going...

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    It worked! Well done! Next step... asking for help

    Hair - CAN YOU HELP ME WITH SOMETHING #GoodGirlsRevolt

    Success! You laid out the bait and he bit. Because he is a man. And now that he's hooked, all you need to do is reel him in. But how does the modern-day lady play the damsel in distress without disrespecting her sense of female empowerment?

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    Playing a modern-day 'damsel in distress' requires a delicate balance

    Photography - амс AMER RICA

    I would recommend resisting a little in the beginning. After all, you're a strong, independent woman who don't need no man. It's important to at least create the illusion that you could do it without his help. Thank him for his offer to assist, but politely decline.

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    But it's pretty easy to crack

    Eyebrow - FOXA) WORR

    But only a little though. Equally as important, is creating the opportunity for him to insist on helping you anyway, despite insisting that he doesn't need to. If he's husband material, he will do it.

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    Once you accept his help, you can assess if he is husband material

    Face - Thanks for lending a helping hand. BBC AMER RICA

    Here's where the second part of the test begins. He's already insisted on helping you, so you know he is kind. But the second, and possibly more important part of the test happens next. Does he in fact know, the inner workings of a car?

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    If he's not, it's thank you, next!


    If he stared cluelessly into the open bonnet and doesn't know a car battery from the exhaust pipe, kindly thank him for his offer to help and go find someone else. You need a husband you can depend on in difficult situations, so this is the perfect way to find out if this is your guy.

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    If he is, let him know how much of a hero he is

    Face - You're my hero, you know that, right?

    If however, he demonstrates the manly aptitude of being able to fix a car despite not being a mechanic (even though your car is actually working fine), then you have struck gold. Hold onto him, ladies! He's a keeper. And he never even needs to know that this whole thing was a ruse!

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    Well done, you have completed the task of finding a husband!


    So there you have it. It seems like Tip #2 for finding a husband still applies in 2020. Some things are timeless after all and it seems that playing the damsel in distress is one of them. Those of you single gals out there who were thinking of getting a car but weren't sure, I hope I've convinced you that it is very much worth your while. Tune in next time for Tip #3...


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