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Deathstroke Facts You Need to Know

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    Recognize This From Anywhere?

    Fictional character - Detective Fact #238 Deathstroke healing factor allows him to heal almost every wound thatwas caused by any internal or external damage at such degree that he was able to take a point blank gunshot to the head, just torevive in a few hours. @detective.comics.facts

    Yeah. It's Deadpool.

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    He Killed A Titan

    Fictional character - He Killed A Titan He was contracted to kill the mythological titan, Lapetus
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    He is Dick Grayson on earth 5029

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    He Actually Challenges Batman

    Fictional character - Fact #240 MarvelDCFacts MARVEL DC FACTS Deathstroke is one of the few people that actually challenge Batman. Slade Wilson is extremely experienced in combat, he can access 90% of his brain, he has a healing factor, he is an extremely skilled swordsman/fighter, and his armor heals itself. He has actually beaten Batman more times than Batman has beaten him.
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    He Plays FPS'

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    Slade Beats Plane


    Bruce needs a stronger plane

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    He Trained Two-Face


    They found common ground over their faces.

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    His Origins

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    How He Lost His Eye

    Fictional character - Fact #137 8GBE 8668 After Slade Wilson's son was kidnapped by The Jackal, he killed the kidnappers and saved his son. However, his sons throat was a slit along with his vocal cords and became a mute. After taking him to the hospital he had to tell his wife his secret has Deathstroke and what he does. Angered, she tries to kill him for making her son like this and ends up shooting him in the head, losing his eye.
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    He Almost Defeated the Justice League

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    He's In constant Competition With Deadshot

  • 12

    He's One Tough Dude


    Cool guys never look at explosions.

  • 13

    The Martial Arts Master

    Action-adventure game - 09990 Deathstroke has the ability to use 90% of his brain at any given time. He is also a master of Boxing, Karate, Jujitsu and Ninjitsu and can lift 5 tons at a bare minimum. Fact #232
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    He's Versatile

  • 15

    The Fly Was A God In Disguise


    Jk. But you probably believed it.

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    He Started Young

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    He Has A Deep Hatred For the Green Arrow

  • 18

    Not Because of Ollie

  • 19

    He's Really Quick


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