Online Orders Which Were Totally Different To The Original Pictures

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    Colleague bought a Harley and wanted some boots. He was impressed with the $39 price tag online. Not so much when they arrived.

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    Said it came with ten large stones.

    Product - SPA HOT STONE HEATING BOX SPA HOT STONE HEATIG Power 6OW Temperature: 60C = 10t Temperture t tat Voltage 220V(110V) 50HZ
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    They better give me a refund

    Fur - Sommario Correlato W 15 Luxurv Brand Faux Fox Fur Collar Fake 26 € 3 € Acquistare IVA esclusa
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    I've brushed its fur for 10 minutes

    Pink - Uetie LIDE AGES 2+ Scruf fo Wash Find us SCrufny Fluff Make us Groom Who will yoU Rescue? Love Suru L laa prou uorterofme ASPCA ASPCA
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    Expectation vs. Reality after a 6-month backorder from West Elm.

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    Children's party entertainer (Alice in Wonderland)

    Picture frame
  • 7

    I just won this clock

    Blue - ALARM C ALARM CLOCK 12 11 ALARM CLOCK 10 E nature eunda Cen 11 12,1 10 6: 3 TIMER .? 6 5. OSLEEP SNOIE 76 5 12/24 IN 8897 ALARM CLOCK
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    Wow. The wall will be nice ??

  • 9

    It’s.. not even a cardigan ????

  • 10

    It didn't come with nearly enough thread, but this is possibly entirely my fault.

    Stuffed toy - MAKE YOUR OWN Jeddy Bear huilkorad £3 STITCH&S
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    Bread for scale

    Product - 18M+ SHORPING CART The peial le wy ter d Chden k t treit, veptae erara i endr tek t w dereet p 000
  • 12

    Tricked by the packaging of my moisturizing cream

    Material property - You t ifal transforms your skin! Developed with plostic surgeons Confidence in e Creem your revolutionary moishurizer thet truly trosfors our sin Perect f yres, even the most sensitive, the proprieory Ant-Aping te Concentrote is activeted upon cenect restore visible rodionce, reduce he look ines ond wrinkles ond improve the look of ess ou se powe results instont and more drometk res over e DRECTIONS Alyto ce skin nthe n and eeg hp weeping motos opply to loce ek R h holre and


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