Shady Boss Tries to Get Away With Wage Theft, Employee Hits Him With Genius Response


“My friend's daughter helped out a restaurant for six hours, at £10 per hour. This was the conversation when she noticed she was only paid £40” —u/happypenguinwaddle

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OP explained in the comments that their friend's 17-year-old daughter wasn't the only one getting treated like garbage by the shady restaurant owner. Redditors in the comment section offered words of encouragement and advice.

“If it was a one off shift she should have been paid quickly for her shift. Report for that.” advised u/craige1989, “Training legally has to be paid in the UK, so def contact acas, but I reckon it'll be a small claims court job. Sucks but I doubt they'll contact a lawyer, they'll probably wait until just before the court date and lay the claim. Make sure the claim is including all the costs for court + any extras that can be popped on. Otherwise you could skip all that and just start plastering those screenshots on their social media and commenting on how they take advantage of 17 year olds. I'm not sure if you'd get away with the small claims stuff and social media abuse.”

“Please please please take legal action against the guy, if it costs a little bit of money you don't have, I'll be happy to cover the cost (assuming it's 100-200 quids or so to file)” urged u/theplaybay.

“I love it when a manager puts their wage violations in writing.” said u/Kantro18.

“The way he's talking about her getting her wages NI and Tax free makes it sound like he's doing cash in hand to avoid paying taxes completely.” said u/SuicidalTurnip.

“Yeh, I’d imagine his taxes are a shambles.” replied u/kellger2, “Problem is, many businesses are by design. Obfuscation and buying time etc. But he’s screwed if he’s not paying NI.”

“Yeah I've heard England has knights specifically for NI.” added u/Sushi_Kat.

“Why do people think ‘good manners’ translates into being one's bitch?” commented u/BhutlahBrohan.

“Because we have allowed them to.” replied u/GabrielofNottingham.

“Exactly this. For too long the workers have just ‘taken’ it, which is a practice we must change” added u/brightblueson.

Many redditors were especially impressed by the worker's clever comeback. “'I consider this matter just about to begin' is SO GOOD” said u/LogisticalNightmare.

“I've never seen a better comeback to an entitled employer remark ever, it's almost too witty to be real.” said u/JordisMySwordMaiden.

“That’s the gen Z for you” replied u/asiolka.

“'I consider this matter closed' Narrator: But the matter was not in fact closed.” joked u/EducationalRice6540.

“Back in the 80's when I was a teenager the entire part-time staff at the video rental store I worked at quit because of how the new owners were treating us, including underpaying us. I decided to go to the department of labour wondering if I'd been legally treated fairly. I hadn't been. The labour people asked if I could get pay stubs and work schedules for myself and all of the other people who left. Conveniently we were all friends before starting to work there. In the end the business ended up owing everybody else money, but not me. I felt really proud that at 16 years old I stood up for myself and made that store owner have to deal with government entities drawing attention to his labour practices. Stand up for yourself, always.” said u/RambleMan.

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