Beautiful And Blind Feral Cat Plays For The First Time

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Meet the ever-handsome orange tabby named Thor! 

Thor was born feral, and is completely blind. According to TinyKittens HQ, it's a miracle he managed to live on his own, out in the streets, for the first year of his life. 

Thankfully, Thor is now in some loving hands, and as TinyKittens HQ writes in their description, "we promise he will know nothing but love, comfort and a full belly from now on."

Thor has already gained 6 pounds, in their care, and even has a playmate named Nyla! 

"His fear instinct is quite ingrained, so it might take some time for us to help him build enough confidence with humans that he doesn't try to run and hide.  Once we have him in our laps, he is just loving being hand fed and having his ears and chin rubbed.   

Nyla is keeping Thor company until she gets her spay and eye surgery tomorrow.  She has one purrfect eye, and is very fearful in captivity, so we are hoping she will be able to return to her friends and family in our Happy Forest managed feral colony once she's fully recovered.  As with all of our ferals, we will bring her back in if she needs further medical care or if she changes her mind about life with humans."

A huge shout out and thank you to TinyKittens HQ for all their incredible and loving work they provide! 

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