The All-Too-Real Perils of Having Kids, Being Divorced, and Dating in Your 30's

It seems like the older we get the harder it is to find a suitable person to date. Maybe the dating pool is diminishing or simply that young generations are so self aware and so fractured that we cannot simply overlook things that our parent’s generation did. Nowadays, as a 20-something or a 30-something, it’s impossible to find a suitable partner who’s not: 

  1. Emotionally damaged
  2. A narcissistic douchebag
  3. Married.

Jordanne White, a single mom, recent divorcee, and avid TikToker, points out in one of her latest videos, the audacity of dating in your 30’s. From Jordanne’s page, we can see that she’s an outspoken individual who loves her daughter, is happy to be divorced, but hates certain aspects of single life. 

As if the dating scene wasn’t hard enough, Jordanne has the added facet of having her own children to think about as well. I’m sure as a parent there are many things to consider when taking on a new partner, but as Jordanne points out in her video, oftentimes a date never even makes it that far. As any date would start, Jordanne’s video starts with a few simple questions– a couple basic things that any established adult would like to double check on right away, ensuring that their potential suitor seems normal, isn’t a murderer, and is available. 


Dating in your 30’s be like:  


Of course anybody would want to know if their date has a job. Employment is not only a good conversation point, but also an important glimpse into a person’s life, values, character, and potentially even their wellbeing. With that box checked off, Jordanne brings up a more challenging question- “Do you have kids?” Her date happily agrees, which I’m sure would be a huge weight lifted off a single mom’s shoulders. 

Knowing that your date has a job and also has children says they could potentially be Daddy material. However, as Jordanne points out, it’s not always so simple. 


So you’re divorced right? 


As the final, and debatably most critical question, Jordanne asks if he’s still married, to which, her date is suddenly shy and sketchy. Years of dating nightmares and relationship disappointment start screaming their sirens in the back of your head. Red flag. Naturally, the red flag is validated when Jordanne’s imaginary date admits that he is, in fact, STILL MARRIED

Sure, you’re ‘going to file’ for divorce, but until that is finalized, can you please do us all a favor, and get out of our DM’s! 


So once again, Jordanne proves that dating in your 30’s (and quite frankly at any age), is a complete crapshoot nowadays. Condolences to all who endure the dating world and congratulations to all who survive it.  



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