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Brown Kitten Takes Internet By Storm

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    The pic that started it all! "Our beautiful cinnamon roll"

    Cat - KING 6849 cm- 26 x19. Ose
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    "name is BoJay"

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    "You asked for another pic, here he is"

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    "Bojay the Spiderkitty, Monday morning exercise"


    "Btw he is not in a cage of any sort, its just so we can open the window without him escaping the house," u/falk5713 clarifies. 

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    "Bojay and his guardians"


    What a beautiful family! 

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    Text - Aboxofphotons 5 days ago 3 Is this cat made from gingerbread? 1 4.5k Share . 80burritospersecond 5 days ago Spice cake cat. 1 1.6k Share
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    Text - zeeblefritz 5 days ago Is that a rare color for a cat? I have never seen a cat like this. 132 Share GumpInAWheelieBin 5 days ago Well, I mean, you've kinda answered your own question there. 61 Share ...
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    Text - retrored5 5 days ago Is that the 31 year old cat? 1 4 Share .. falk5713 5 days ago Lol no, hes 5 months old :) 15 Share .. retrored5 5 days ago Cause I saw a pic on here of a 31 year old cat and they're identical 1 5 Share falk5713 5 days ago Lets hope he will get there someday too :p 16 Share ...
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    Text - dontniceguyatme 5 days ago I don't think ive seen a brown cat! 2.7k Share .. Adventureehbud 5 days ago Me either! I didn't realize cats came in that colour! 1.0k Share ... JustARegularToaster 5 days ago Yeah, they were a special edition or something i think 997 Share ...
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    Text - Chopsdixs 5 days ago Kinder is out of control. A kid could have swallowed that accidentally 1.5k Reply Give Award Share Report Save


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